Dissertation/Thesis Writers

The school year is right around the corner for some and has possibly started for others. Therefore, this week’s blog will touch on setting and keeping goals. As for the dissertation and thesis writers this can either be a blessing or a curse. In the event that you have secured some type of dissertation research or fellowship award; writing your dissertation should be your first priority. However, I realize some of you may possibly have to T.A. or actively participate in research for a faculty member on top of finding time to write your dissertation as well.

If you are one of the many dissertation writers who have other departmental responsibilities, this weeks blog should be of particular interest to you. The ability to set and organize your calendar is paramount, especially if this is your first fall semester as a pure dissertation writer. Unfortunately, I was one who had to do clinical supervision and also write one fall semester while in my doctoral program and it was EXTREMELY challenging. Hence why paying close attention to following bullet points may possibly provide some clarification for you.

  • Organize your writing around downtime in your hectic schedule
  • Possibly go the first week of the semester without any writing at all just article pulling
  • Talk with your mentor or mentors about how did they handle beginning a fall semester and writing
  • At the end of each week check your calendar and see if you were able to reach the goals you set for that week
  • Have realistic expectations as to what you are trying to accomplish not only with your writing but with other departmental responsibilities as well
  • Make sure you do not forget about your leisure activity that keeps your sanity and positive outlook for completion
  • Continue to do a self-reflection to ensure you are maximizing your time

I hope the above bullet points are a good start for you as you begin a different type of journey for the fall semester. The fall presents a different set of challenges because the traffic (meaning students) picks up around each department. Make sure you do not panic if it seems to be a lot going on in a short period of time in your department. Remember to think of the goals that you have written down as a road map for you this semester.

Prospective Graduate Student/Non-Thesis Writers

For you all the beginning of the fall also presents a unique set of challenges as well. This means either you are a year or two seasoned or you are a new flower ready to blossom. Either way, the goal remains the same, being able to get through another semester at the top of your game, and also keeping your plans that you have laid out for yourself. A lot of the information presented for the dissertation and thesis writers can also be applied to you all as well. If you are a prospective graduate student be sure to look out for next week’s article entitled making that hard choice (Which school is right me).

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Quintin Boston, Ph.D., LPC, CRC